Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Make IFRAME Disabled / ReadOnly

//Paste the code inside the entity onload event box

var IFRAME_Test;
var IFRAME_Test_Disable_Message = "IFRAME Disabled...";

function OnCrmPageLoad() {
//Reference the IFRAME
IFRAME_Test = document.all.IFRAME_Test;
//Bind to its ready state event (wait until the iframe is fully loaded)
IFRAME_Test.attachEvent( "onreadystatechange" , OnTestIframeReady );

function OnTestIframeReady() {
if( IFRAME_Test.readyState != "complete" )
//Override the onmousedown event
IFRAME_Test.contentWindow.document.onmousedown = OnTestIframeMouseDown;

function OnTestIframeMouseDown() {
alert( IFRAME_Test_Disable_Message );
/* or use */
//the window is put beyond the user's desktop and is immediately closed
var stubWin =‘about:blank’,’’,’ toolbars=0,width=100,height=100,top=10000,left=10000’);
return false;

//Entry point

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