Saturday, February 28, 2009

CRM 4.0 Public View Manager Wizard (Hiding Views)

The Public View Manager Wizard is now available on GI’s company website.
Click here if you wish to acquire the source code

I believe that beside FLS, hiding system views is one of the most requested features that are missing from CRM. The concept behind the CRM public views did not fit our product architecture. We needed to come up with a way to deliver pre defined public views with pre defined filtering and column display for different business units and roles in order to create a complete user experience and target specific business logic. Obviously, the idea of having a single default view set for the entire organization and the inability to hide specific views marks the current architecture as unacceptable.

Following are the PVS Wizard features which I’m sure you’ll find very appealing:

  1. Ability to set different public views for specific business units, roles and users.

  2. Ability to set the public views order within the target’s (BU, ROLE, and USER) list of available views.

  3. Ability to set a default public view at the business unit, role and user level.

  4. Inheritable settings. Settings defined for a business unit affects all roles within that BU. Settings for a Role affects all users within that Role.

  5. Ability to create exceptions at the user level by allowing users to request a specific view as their favorite default view.

  6. Complements our security model (FLS and SMW) and enables us to completely secure CRM from all angles.

  7. An intuitive User interface that enables you to define a complete PVS settings for an entire organization in just a few minutes.

If you are a Microsoft dynamics partner our sharing initiative enables you to save time and money by acquiring the source code once and distributing it to all your current and future clients. Find a client that will appreciate the PVS wizard or any of our other wizards and acquire the source code while you’re at it.

PVS Global features:

  1. Available for all languages

  2. Supports multi tenancy

  3. Supports RTL (right to left) and LTR (left to right) displays

  4. Supports IFD

  5. Supports IE8

In order to rewind the PVS video, right click on the flash movie, select rewind and then select play.

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