Sunday, December 28, 2008

CRM 4.0 Supported Record / Page Counter for CRM views

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This is certainly a feature that dynamics is missing. I had doubts about this solution before I developed it since I wanted to create a supported solution that would easily integrate into our product and upgrade seamlessly with dynamics. I was aware of dynamics limitations regarding this issue. Never the less, I found a cool way to integrate a record count and page count in any CRM grid in a totally supported way.

The Plug-in that manages the Counters is highly configurable. You can decide whether an entity displays the record counter and if it does you can also specify whether to display a total page count (the records counter is the default display). You can also specify the labels for each language to support multiple languages.

The Counter does not show if the record count is smaller then amount of records per page. This means that if the current page shows 25 records per page and the record count is 10 then you won’t see the counter since CRM already displays all the information you need.

The images below Display how the plug-in works. I’m putting it for here as a shared Plug-in, I figure this is a feature that many CRM implementations require. You may try to develop it your self and spend the time and money doing so, or purchase it as your own company property under our T&C and enjoy it immediately.

It takes about 20 seconds to implement the solution.
The configuration is made directly on top of the plug in registration tool.

If you have any further questions please send them to and specify the plug-in you’re interested in.

To play back the flash movie simply right click on the movie (*.SWF file) click rewind, and then click Play.

The Plug-in Supports the following views
* Advanced Find

* Single Lookup View

* Multi Lookup View

* Public and Private Views

* Quick Find

* Custom FetchXml and Advanced Find

* Form Assistant

* Auto resolve Lookup View

The Record counter plug-in in now available on GI's company website.


Norb said...

Hi Adi,

will this work on cases associated with an account or contact (customer)?


Adi Katz said...

The RCO Counter works on all view except associated views.

The AVCR which is the associated views counter works for associated cases when the plug-in is fired i.e. if you select “This Record Only” in the include picklist.

The “Related ‘Regarding’ Records” option does not fire any supported plug-in and so the counter does not show. I presume that when this is fixed the counter will also be visible.

Norb said...

Thank you for making that clear.

So that should be fixed, once we are allowed to catch the rollup messages.

Adi Katz said...