Sunday, July 12, 2009

CRM 4.0 Cascading wizard

The Cascading wizard is a complementary add-on to dynamic mapping facility. Currently dynamics only supports mapping when a user creates a new child entity within a parent context (form). Knowing that many partners invest quite a bit of energy developing solutions that require cascading and having to deal with these types of requirements ourselves we decided to create a fully featured mapping / cascading wizard that enable us to complete these tasks with just a few clicks.

The CAW wizard has the following features which can save you hours of tedious development.

1.Mapping fields from a parent entity when a child entity is created outside of the parent form. For example: A common requirement might be to inherit account information when you create a new contact from dynamics contacts grid (view). Currently the account fields are only mapped if you create the contact from the account form.

2.Mapping fields from multiple parents. For example: you might have an entity that has lookups to more the 1 entity. When you create the entity you might want to inherit fields from any parent.

3.Cascading parent modifications to all children. For example: you might want to update all contacts under a certain account when the account main phone field (contact business phone) changes.

4.The ability to decide whether to inherit parent attributes only when the child field is empty. For example: you might want to inherit account information when the contact is created but want to enable the user to change the contacts fields afterwards. The CAW wizard enables you to decide whether field changes are cascaded when the child attribute is empty.

5.Cascading drilldown. One of the nicest features of this wizard is that it enables you to drill down the changes from the root entity to the bottom leaf.
For example: if you define an account to contact cascading rules and then define a contact to invoice cascading rule on the same fields. And then change the field on the account form the change is carried out to the invoice entity.

6.The wizard integrates seamlessly with the current mapping facility. And you can choose to utilize both or just use the CAW wizard.

Common CAW features: The wizard supports –
1. Both on-premise and partner hosted environments.
2. IFD – Internet facing deployment
3. 32 and 64 bit servers
4. Multi-Tenancy
5. All Languages
6. All Rollups

We made a video to illustrate the above features.
In order to play back the video, right click on the flash movie then click rewind and play.

If you have question regarding the wizard functionality you can ask them here of send your enquiry to


Alex said...

How do I get your cascading wizard?

Adi Katz said...

Hi Alex,

The wizard in now available online
and is also a part of our productivity

Rakesh Agarwal said...

Great Product ADI :)

Anonymous said...

I really love the idea of this product, but would like to know if it will break during upgrade to future versions? How much dependance is there on javascript? Is it mostly server side asp and plugins?

Adi Katz said...

GI wizards adhere to MS guidelines for ISV solutions.
There are no unsupported dependencies, modifications of files or direct db access.
Pure CRM SDK , plug-ins and CRM Form JavaScript.

If you require further information please send an enquiry to our

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