Sunday, April 19, 2009

CRM 4.0 GI Partners Starter Pack

The GI Partners Starter Pack (PSP) is the best value added and cost effective solution to jump start your CRM projects. Save time and effort by integrating wizards that are able to solve common development tasks such as Field Level Security and Bulk Delete Operations. Gap missing CRM functionalities and focus your effort on your client’s CRM objectives. Take advantage of our discount offer, Royalty free distribution license and ensure your project success.

The Partner start pack contains the following wizards:

  • Field Level Security wizard (FLS)
  • Public View Manager (PVS)
  • State and Status Security wizard (SMW)
  • Bulk Delete Wizard (BDW)
  • Record and Page Counter (RCO & AVCR)

    All wizards are compliant with rollup3, Tested with IE8 and support IFD.
    All wizards supports both on-premise and partner hosted environments.
    All wizards support multi-tenancy and are available for all languages.

Click here to order our PSP package.

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