Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CRM 4.0 Queue Security Manager Wizard

As you know, Queues in CRM are organizational entities. This means that if the user role has read access rights on the Queue entity he can see all Queues. Organization that uses Queues as a concept usually search for a way to moderate Queue access based on Business Unit, Role and sometimes specific Users. This type of requirement is especially important for call centers and application that use queues as intermediary facilities or what I call bus stops for work that spin many users and business processes.

Our Product also makes substantial use of Queues throughout our solution. Knowing that the way CRM handles Queues will not serve the purpose we built a wizard that enables us to define Queue visibility for any security settings. If you’re looking for a wizard like solution that enables you to control Queue access with a few clicks (No Coding Required) then you’ll love this wizard.

The QUM wizard, as all our wizards, supports rollup4, IE8, IFD and can be installed on a 64 bit environment.

The wizard can be obtained as a stand alone product however we also included it in our security package and partner starter pack for no additional cost.

The wizard is now available on GI online website

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