Monday, January 26, 2009

CRM 4.0 Bulk Delete Wizard

The BDW is another cool wizard which we developed. As you all know the only way to create a bulk delete job is to programmatically develop one using CRM SDK.I decided to automate this process for a number of reasons. Mainly since our products come with sample data which needs to be erased from the system before the customer go live. Secondly we have extensive auditing and logging which needs to be deleted periodically. Of course there are other good enough reasons to having the ability to create bulk delete jobs in just a few seconds.

Global Features:

  • Supports all languages

  • Supports multi-tenancy

  • Supports IFD

  • Supports IE8

For a complete list of entities which are valid for bulk delete please see CRM advanced find entity list.
Note: The BDW wizard enables you to delete all system jobs such as Bulk delete, Duplicate Delection, Bulk Email, Import, workflows jobs.

The wizard is now available. You may also send your enquiries and questions to


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