Monday, January 19, 2009

CRM 4.0 State Level Security Wizard

Since the release of the FLS wizard I received a few enquiries about the FLS ability to control the change of an entity state and status codes.
Although the FLS does not control this type of behavior we have built a complete state manager wizard that allows us to control the entire application state.

The motivation which has driven me to develop this type of functionality is the need to control application workflows that span different user roles.
Consider a scenario where you have a project entity with logical statuses (e.g. Draft, Prepared, Ready to launch, Approved etc) and which represent the status that your project is in. You need to enable or disable a specific role from changing the project status depending on his function within that project.

Currently there is no way of doing that without specific plug-in development.
The wizard aims to solve two major problems:
1. Allowing you to control any type of entity status without the need to development.
2. Allowing the organization to shift from one paradigm to another by changing roles responsibility without the need for further develop or change your workflows.

The nice thing about this wizard is that its foundation is completely generic and allows an organization to completely control the change of state for any given entity. If you’re looking for a supported way to control who deactivates or activates an entity, want to manage whether a user can win or lose an opportunity, need to decide if a service rep can cancel or resolve a case or any other “SetState” behavior, this wizard will do the job.

Think about the possibilities that this type of functionality uncover. The SMW wizard has certainly solved many of our business problems and is an inseparable part our overall solution.

Similar to the FLS wizard, you can create a complete organization security hierarchy. This means you can set a setstate behavior at the business unit level , override those settings at the role level and create exceptions for individual users.

The following presentation displays 4 simple scenarios.
First Scenario: Control who activates and deactivates the account entity.

Second Scenario: Controls whether a user can cancel a case or set it state to waiting for details.

Third Scenario: Controls whether a user can close an opportunity as won.

Forth Scenario: Shows how to control custom status reasons added to a test entity.

I’m offering this wizard under the same sharing paradigm which I introduced a few weeks ago.
The State manager wizard and the entire set of wizards will be available in the next few days.

If you have questions or enquiries you may send them to

If you need to rewind the presentation simply right click the flash movie and click rewind, then click play.

The proposed property (source code) price is 1000$ USD.

Here is a short description of how the SMW wizard affects CRM OOB entities and the type of control you can gain by using it:

Controlling activation and deactivation of any customizable and custom entities
Controlling publication of kb articles form draft to unapproved to published
Controlling case resolution
Controlling contract activation and cancelation
Controlling invoice cancelation and fulfillment
Controlling lead qualification
Controlling opportunity qualification (win, lose)
Controlling order fulfillment and cancelation
Controlling quote qualification (win, lose)
Controlling custom status reasons

Global Features:
Support for all languages
Supports Multi-tenancy
Supports IFD
Supports IE8

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