Sunday, July 5, 2009

CRM 4.0 Record Filter Wizard

The idea behind the RFW wizard is to create a security filter in the context of each entity data and user role and expose / grant access to records only when a certain condition is met or under a certain restriction. For example: an organization might want a specific salesperson role to see leads that are connected to a specific product family or allow a low-privileged role to only see accounts that their credit limit is between a certain range.The RFW wizard will always make sure that the returned data is within the security filter parameters.

Another good example that we use is creating a severity or scoring attributes that enables the organization to categorize each entity and then create a security filter that allows users to see data depending on the scoring attribute value.

Actually there is no limit to the type of security filters that you can create. You can construct any filter (simple or complex) using any business logic and utilizing existing or specialized attributes to achieve a high data aware security state.

The security filters are setup using the wizard User Interface without the need to write custom code.

The following demonstration is a simple example of how you can take advantage of the RFW wizard.
The first scenario creates a security restriction on the top business unit (a template) which hides accounts that their credit limit is between 100,000 and 1 million $. This means that all the views, quick create and advance find will adhere to this restriction and only return accounts that meet the security filter.

The second scenario overrides the template and creates a security filter on the system administrator role. This time the filter is setup on the credit hold attribute returning only accounts that their credit is not held.

The last scenario defines a security filter for a specific marketing manager and allows him to only to view accounts that their category is set to standard.

RFW Technical Information:

1.Support for Internet Explorer 8, Internet Facing Deployment - IFD, and all available rollups (1 – 5).
2.Support for all searchable entities (entities that you can search using advanced find)
3.Support for Security Hierarchy i.e. creating business unit templates, overriding the templates for each CRM role and creating specific security filters for users.
4.Supports all views e.g. (public, private , associated , quick find , advanced find , print pages etc)

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Philippe Devaux said...

Is it possible to construct lookup filters?

Simple example: On a project entity we have the lookup Account. Underneith we have responsible contact; can we create a view that will show only the contacts from the chosen account?

Adi Katz said...

The RFW is not a lookup filter solution. The idea is to restrict the User/Role/BU from working with/seeing sensitive data. When you apply a security filter it affects the entire application not just lookup dialogs.

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